Education Kit

The Malleefowl Education Kit has been developed by the VMRG and was released in September 2008.

The kit was written by Tim Byrne, an experienced Primary teacher who taught in schools in the Victorian Mallee and spent 18 years working at the Scienceworks Museum in Melbourne.

The Kit is aimed at Upper Primary Students but would also be suited for Lower Secondary Students.

  • Activities are non-sequential, so teachers may pick and choose.
  • All activities are cross referenced against the CSF and VELs (Victoria), Bloom's Taxonomy and Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.
  • Videos and Powerpoint presentations are included.
  • The kit is provided on a DVD and comes with a copy of Pauline Reilly's Malleefowl, The Incubator Bird in a printed folder.

Funding was provided by the Australian Government and the Mallee CMA (Catchment Management Authority).

Schools interested in using the package should contact the VMRG Secretary, Robyn Rattray-Wood, C/- Post Office Merton VIC 3715, or by email to